My name is Mario Carrion, I’m a Software Engineer who loves writing software, I keep this blog to tell my experiences about doing so. I began writing software when I was in Junior High, on my lovely 80486, I was fascinated with computers and the magic behind creating new stuff. That inspired and led me to get my BS in Computer Systems Engineering back in 2005.

Software Engineering is my passion, and to me, is the most interesting field in Computer Science. My experience includes designing and implementing Highly-Scalable, Real Time, Accessible and Efficient software on UNIX-based systems.

In my free time I work the following Open Source projects:

  • MonoUML: CASE Tool.
  • nUML: .NET UML 2.2 library.
  • Tasque: Task management application.
  • Pulque: Helps you maintain parallel development environments.
  • Vimeo#: Full Vimeo API implementation in C#.

I’m also a video game junkie and I administer my own gaming channel:


  • Mail messages mario at carrion.ws
  • Google Talk mario.carrion at gmail.com
  • MSN mario at monouml.org

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